Terms and Condition

It is a condition of using Sydney Limo Company for ground transport services (service) that you (customer) have reviewed and agree to these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are posted on www.sydneycbdlimos.com.au (the site) and are subject to change from time-to-time at Sydney Limo Company’s discretion.

It is the responsibility of users of Sydney Limo Company services to familiarize themselves with these Terms and Conditions prior to each booking as they constitute a binding agreement between the customer and Sydney Limo Company in relation to the provision of all services, and may change from time-to-time.

Various pricing structures apply to bookings of services through Sydney Limo Company. These include normal ‘rack’ and peak rates, and rates applicable to special vehicle, event or other specific customer requirements, and may include affiliate, and/or subcontractor charges or other disbursements.

Sydney Limo Company will, when quoting for services, endeavor to secure the most attractive and competitive pricing in the circumstances. The ‘Pricing Guide’ posted on the site may indicate prices for specific destinations across New South Wales, but are indicative only and Sydney Limo Company reserves the right to vary such prices at its discretion.

For quotes for transport to destinations that do not appear in the published ‘Pricing Guide’, please use the ‘Contact Us’ feature on the website.

Sydney Limo Company reserves the right to add the costs of tolls, parking fees or airport regulatory fees to a quoted price without a customer’s prior consent. These costs are explained to every customer upon request. This is in line with the way in which standard taxis calculate each fare.

Sydney Limo Company does not include any gratuities or additional commissions in the quoted trip price. Any gratuity is at customer’s sole discretion and is entirely a matter between the driver and the customer.

Customers are required to update personal information when relevant personal details change. Failure to update information which results in booking errors will be the responsibility of the customer, and where applicable, full ‘no-show’ or cancellation fees may apply at Sydney Limo Company’s discretion.

Sydney Limo Company recommends that bookings be made as far in advance as practical in order to ensure a vehicle can be made available at the time requested. Sydney Limo Company will honor any booking made online or by telephone, provided all of these Terms and Conditions are met, including providing Sydney Limo Company with correct booking details (including correct address and contact numbers) and valid credit card details at the time of booking.

Sydney Limo Company is unable to guarantee availability of a vehicle when a booking is made online or by telephone at short notice.

Sydney Limo Company will make every effort to allocate the requested vehicle, but reserves the right to allocate the best available vehicle if adequate notice is not given. Sydney Limo Company reserves the right to reject a booking if an appropriate vehicle cannot be allocated. Sydney Limo Company will endeavor to notify the customer either way in a timely manner.

Bookings for special events (including concerts, sporting events and touring shows) are associated with a high demand for ground transport to/from the relevant event, including hire cars. It is strongly recommended that customers book ground transport for such events well in advance. Once a booking is received, a Sydney Limo Company representative will make contact with the customer to provide a quote and agree pricing terms before confirming the booking. Note that the ‘Pricing Guide’ listed on the site does not apply for special events, including New Years Eve.

Sydney Limo Company will make every attempt to place the special event booking and allocate a vehicle, but reserves the right to refuse a booking if an appropriate vehicle cannot be allocated.

Sydney Limo Company can provide a baby or child seat for an additional fee of $10-$15. Please be very clear about this requirement and specify the age of the baby/child at the time of booking. Sydney Limo Company will make every attempt to secure a baby/child seat if one is required, but reserves the right to decline a booking requiring a baby/child seat if that booking cannot be allocated to a vehicle fitted with a baby/child seat complying with Australian Standards. If a booking is made without a confirmed baby/child seat and on pick-up a baby/child requiring such a seat is among the customer’s group, the driver must refuse the job.

Each scheduled pickup includes a free-of-charge courtesy waiting period as outlined below:

  • 10 minutes for regular pickups from residential or office locations.
  • 30 minutes for Airport pickups.

For pickup from an office or residential address, the courtesy waiting period commences from the scheduled pickup time. For pickup from an airport, the courtesy waiting period commences upon actual landing of the flight indicated in the booking.

Waiting time (calculated on a per-vehicle basis) will be charged to the customer at the rate of $1 per minute.

Sydney Limo Company reserves the right to charge a flat fee of $50 for each cancellation or ‘no show’, if less than 60 minutes cancellation notice time is provided.

For special event bookings or New Years Eve, cancellations attract a 50 per cent charge if less than two hours notice is provided, and 100 percent charge thereafter.

All quotes are subject to change, should the customer advise the driver of one or more of the following:

  • additional stop-off locations
  • any change to the booked locations
  • any delays caused by the customer, for example, due to alcoholism.

* We thank you for taking the time to understand our Terms and Conditions. *